Sunday, 25 September 2016

Caroline. Still the most beautiful...

I have a small handful of transsexual women I describe as my idols and always at the top of the list is British pioneer Caroline Cossey - as beautiful now as she was then...

Caroline remains an inspiration to trans girls to this day and thankfully more and more fans are finding old features on her and posting them to the web. I absolutely love this one - a must-watch for anyone who loves the difficult and wonderful world of being #girlslikeus.


One of the new generation of gorgeous young tgirls and someone I've really started following is the super-cute Natalie Mars - who describes herself as a "trans girl, porn star and giant nerd!" I LOVE that!

Natalie first started appearing on the web as a young and incredibly cute cross-dresser and it's been beautiful to watch her move onto hormones and evolve into a truly beautiful young woman with a gorgeous face, lovely eyes, and a fabulously soft girly figure that all of us girls should aspire to. I hope you share my love for this absolutely amazing and inspiring cutie!

Saturday, 30 July 2016

I found these online...


Are the above stats true? 

Crossdressers are one of the fastest growing communities online - TRUE

Big Black Cocks are in the top 10 of the most searched words on porn websites for both men and women - true I guess?

85% of interviewed sissies admit their sexual preference for Black Men? - I have no idea but it could be true...

Friday, 29 July 2016

New Youtube marketing campaign

Youtube have released a video for their new marketing campaign in which a young guy living in a small town leads a double life. Outwardly he's a geeky but cute young boy dealing with all the struggles anyone who's been a geeky young boy deals with - I should know! Secretly, inspired by the music he listens to, he's the sexy blonde girl he dreams of being.

It's a really clever video as it will be so controversial - but there will be millions of other young boys who identify with the boy in the video and it might give them more understanding that they are not alone with their secret desires. I was that boy myself.

Friday, 22 July 2016

OMG! Early early pics!

I am SO, SO excited to have unearthed some early days pics of me that I thought I had lost. Wow, I had forgotten they even existed! I was clearing out a whole pile of things when I found an old CD and decided to check it just in case. I'm so happy I did!

These were taken in my old bedroom at home on a crappy Canon camera when I was just starting out on my journey and exploring this new world and trying to figure things out. I guess I was about 18 years old. Just looking at the bad hair now makes me cringe with embarrassment - but I am glad I can look at these early photos and see just how far I've come on a journey which can be lonely and hard just as it is glamorous and sexy.

Hope you guys like them. 

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Message from Black Bone Ranger

I wanted to post this wonderful lovely message I received from my old friend from the USA Mr Black Bone Ranger:

Hello everybody - my name is Jay Jay a.k.a. Black Bone Ranger and I want to tell you about a story about the author of this blog - Miss. Sexy Young TV - I call it the UK Queen!

I happen to be a very lucky individual to have met her online. She was nothing more than 17 years old, might have been 16, anyway I was goofing around on Yahoo and then came across her profile or I think we were in a Yahoo chat room or something and we started talking and I told her where I was at, she told me where she was at, and then we started to talk with each other online and of course I finally got to see some pictures of her. WOW! Me, I was totally in love, no doubt about it - she was just so far across the pond!

Then the next time we were talking, she shows me some pictures and I was telling her about being in the military and what was commonly known as aircraft nose art and she sent me some pictures and my photo doctor put them on a few aircraft nose designs and did some other creations for her and she really liked them so we continued our online friendship.

Then she brought up the subject matter about us talking to each other. Well her being in England and me being in Kansas - no I was in Reno Nevada at the time - well I gave her my phone number - and guess what the phone rang! We talked over the phone and God does she have a very young lovely British voice! I felt so bad because I couldn't touch her and I told her my home was Kansas after I retired out of the Navy and we talked about sexual escapades of course and I shared some pictures of me with my long-standing gurl Alexis - a very sexy CD - and I showed her some pictures and had what people call phone sex and was very exhilarating. I couldn't believe it - but it happened.

And I usually make trips back home to Kansas to look after my mother and do work around the house and visit family and friends and was online at my sister's house and I saw my baby - my London Queen - and we commenced the talking like we normally would do. Then she said she wanted to call me - guess what she did - and this time there was a video feed with it - and she gave me a little lap dance and I was totally exhilarated let alone just hearing her sexy British voice and those stunning big blue eyes those long, long legs that juicy ass of hers! Man it was awesome - I couldn't believe it!

So I finished my vacation here in Kansas and went back to Nevada Reno and Alexis. I wanted to pack my bags and go to London so bad - but now I'm stuck in Kansas again. My mother passed away - I had a lawsuit that never came through. I was so looking forward to going to the UK so bad I had given up on it - but this girl Miss Sexy Young TV is stunning, unbelievably beautiful and she is definitely real - there is no doubt about it, no doubt about it at all. I have seen her, spoken to her. Those big blue eyes that blonde hair... I'm still looking for the pictures that she sent to me I'm still looking for them - please forgive me baby.

SO you won't meet a nicer, sexier person than Miss SYTV - as long as I live I would consider myself a cyber fan and hopefully one of these days she will be a real friend in person because I want to get some of that blonde baby laughing out loud. Well if you met her you know what I'm talking about you lucky dog - but I've talked to her several times and I'm so impressed with her. I love you baby - I hope to see you one day, your friend, the Black Bone Ranger a.k.a. Mr. JJ
BlackBoneRanger |

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Trans Generation

It is absolutely wonderful to see a whole new generation of trans girls out there blogging and vlogging and spreading the trans message of love and acceptance. They are inspiring more and more young trans girls to realise that we're not alone, that it's ok to have these feelings and that you should be free to be exactly who you want to be.

One girl I've started following is the absolutely beautiful Maya, a young trans Youtuber who is not only absolutely stunning but posts some really cool, interesting and inspiring videos that explain exactly what it's like to be a young trans girl. Guys - please go check her out and give her all your support!